Best Practices

The SLAPCA membership adopted the “Law Enforcement Best Practices Agreement” policy on October 12, 2017 as a condition of regular membership with the SLAPCA.

On January 1, 2019, all current regular members of SLAPCA shall adopt and submit written proof of compliance concerning:

  1. The specific written best practice policies and procedures.
  2. Accepted enrollment in a recognized law enforcement accreditation or certification process by an organization that utilizes an external auditing process.

The specific written best practice policies and procedures include:

  • Appropriate Use of Force Policy.
  • Handling Crisis Intervention Team (CIT).
  • Bias-Free Policing.
  • Vehicle Operation, Accidents, and Pursuits.
  • Investigation of Officer-Involved Shooting Incidents; including mandatory psychological medical fit for duty evaluations.
  • In-Custody Deaths.
  • Citizen Complaint Process and Internal Affairs.
  • Officers must be P.O.S.T. certified and licensed as an agency hiring standard requirement.
  • Agency will conduct and document background checks on all new hires including; drug screening, criminal background checks, character assessments and psychological exams and retain such records in personnel files.
  • Provide 24-hour service with at least one officer on duty having direct access to a supervisor, or accomplish at least the same coverage pursuant to a mutual aid agreement with an adjoining department.
  • Must document compliance with Missouri Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) continuing education requirements and hiring and separation reporting requirements.
  • Must comply with state laws on reporting crime and traffic-stop information.
  • Must carry police professional liability insurance.

Furthermore, on December 31, 2023, SLAPCA regular membership agencies shall be law enforcement accredited or certified with a recognized organization that utilizes an external auditing process. New regular members must adopt the agreement as a condition of regular membership and must have implemented all items by the date specified in the Agreement or the date of commencement of regular membership, whichever is later. All documentation will be verified by the SLAPCA Best Practices Compliance Committee (BPCC) and affirmed by the Chairperson of the Executive Board.